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Confident Communication Creation

…for Transformational businesses…

Get everything that you need to stand out online,

in ONE place

  • Create a
  • strong first impression,
  • a memorable brand identity, tell your story and build trust with your ideal client.
  • Convey key information, and make it really easy for people to work with you.
  • I’ll help you to
  • showcase your expertise,
  • unveil your offers and
  • become highly visible as the go to person.
  • Let’s turn courage into confidence.
  • Think of me as
  • a coach (cheering you on)
  • a mentor (showing you the ropes)
  • a marketer (teaching you how to build in strategy and promotional tactics into your business) and
  • a content designer (to bring it all together)

Latest Clientele


Laura is a time pushed Fashion & PR Consultant, she wanted an elegant yet functional site as a place to showcase her latest catwalk and events, and where she can blog about the latest trends and updates . . . 


Jo loves being in nature and out in the sea, she recently qualified as a life coach and yoga teacher and wanted a site that represented both her complimentary services and what she stands for . . .


Jodi is an angel in real life! She offers angel readings as a service, and her site is all about showing who she is and how she serves others, whilst featuring an excellent blog that she adds to often and gets most of her leads from people searching for services like hers (great SEO Jodi!)


Vanessa is a recently qualified empowerment coach, who really cares about helping others.

We created a 5 page website, where Vanessa had mentoring sessions and copywriting advice thrown in. I also created some bespoke content for her.


Refine your brand look/voice


Edit and create your visuals


Copywrite you as the expert


Bespoke, unique content


Functional and User friendly sites


One off landing/sales pages


Help with your social media


Confidence mentoring

Let me create for you

One Day Identify & design your brand

One Day Market your message & offer

One Day Plan, design or revamp your website

One Day Act like a star – confidence mentoring

One Day Content creation, uniquely yours

One Day Training on websites or social media



You just get me

Jo Riches
Luminary Coach

Our new sales page is ace!

Victoria Griffiths
Courage Mastermind Co-Creator

I love what we’ve created –

I could lick the screen!

Sophia Christou
Holistic Interior Designer

LIST of services

Logo Design/Refine

Canva is fine to start with, but if you really want to Start with Impact, a professionally designed logo will really get you noticed and taken seriously.


Bespoke Content

Stand out from the rest by having your very own, bespoke content created for you.

I am happy to take the lead on this if you are stuck for ideas, or just give me your brief and I’ll whip something up for you.


My love for storytelling, empowering people and promoting good services really helps me to help you to get some fantastic copy on your site – we can often get in our own way with this sort of thing, so why not book in a session with me and let’s see what we can come up with!


Ideas for Showcasing your biz


I have the best relationships with my clients – they love my ideas and tendency towards innovation and motivation.

I feel that I have a gift of seeing strengths in others, and it’s my job to bring these visions to life!






Did you know that I am a trained business mentor?


I have coaching training too, but I prefer to guide and give the benefit of my experiences to help others – my clients tell me that my insight and solid gold advice has given them hope and direction in their business, and that gives me a warm, glowy feeling.


Let’s see where I can guide you…




Website whizz


There are so many components to having a great site. I’ve whittled it down to 6 main things;

I.dentity – your brand, your logo, your ESSENCE

M.essage – what are you offering? Does it stand out?

P.lan – your site out with a solid formula to it

A.dd content – Google favours homemade!

C.opywrite to convert browsers into buyers

T.est & Launch! & keep it fresh and updated



Can you do anything that I ask?

Please see above for some examples of the type of creative work that I can do with you, I am happy to take your brief and whizz out the work, or if you would like to be more involved, let’s do it together on zoom or maybe a mix of both would suit you.

What hours are you available?

I work term time only, unless specified (I work for 2 weeks of the summer holidays in August but these dates can vary depending on what childcare I have booked in)

I am contactable between the hours of 10am until 4pm, but work turnaround is 24hrs from an agreed time between us.

Why do you take payment upfront?

Although I am a service provider, I am creating products for you that you can instantly use to move your business forward; please do not worry about investing in me and then somehow not liking what is created for you, I will work with you until you are 101% satisfied as my integrity and reputation are extremely valuable to me, and I want you to love your new ‘products’.

Will the content be uniquely mine?

It’s all yours, baby! I will do my thing, you will receive all of the files and it becomes your intellectual property upon handover, I have a contract to cover us both, all that I ask is if it is ok to share and promote it on my channels (this can be grabbed from your channels if you’d prefer, that way you get my audience’s eyes on you too!)

If the content is sensitive or you would rather me not share anything, just let me know.

Can I guarantee a ROI?

One of the best parts of my job is seeing the new found confidence in my clients when they finally have their new content and website to show off, and if you feel like you could do with some help driving traffic to it, I offer social media strategy sessions and training, blog writing advice, visibility guidance, you name it, im all over it…it’s all about promotion and being visible so you can always purchase more time from me, and let’s continue to work together until you are seeing some sales and getting noticed.

Where do I sign up????

Click the button below for a free, 15 minute quick consult to see if we are a match made in heaven, I will then give you a link to my online calendar and we can set some wheels in motion once I have onboarded you and I feel like we are ready to CREATE!

30 Day Website Guarantee

I want you to love your website and get amazing results.

For 30 days post-launch, I will make any changes or edits that pop up, and give you training on how to use your brand new website.

Linz xx

Badges of honour

Marketing Marvels
Linz means Business


Hello, im also a trained coach and business mentor, with a passion for helping transformational businesses to STAND OUT.


Check out my credentials below.

Is this you?

Why work with me?


The truth is, there are no magic shortcuts, and yes, some people are claiming to make six figures by following this process or that ‘guaranteed formula’ – but what I’ve learnt, and what I live by, is that there is nothing more important than taking the time to connect with people and creating something of real value. My clients tell me:


  • I give them hope and enthusiasm for their business
  • they feel empowered to create a business that works for them
  • we have spotted gaps in their promotional strategy that benefit them instantly
  • I help them to both the define problem and the solution clearly
  • they end up feeling confident in saying what they really want to say
  • I just ‘get them’ 

This is about you and your business.

My goal is to help you to get the ideas out of your head and onto a site, with which you can can go forth and edit yourself, or bring me onto your team as you take on the world.

It makes me sad that only 25% of websites actually get used, and that, once they have them, they don’t know how to use them or promote them. Websites should be selling machines that do all of the heavy lifting for you, so that you can do the thing that the world needs you to do.

Ideas person

How I work


Free 15 minute intro call

Let’s see if we will be a good fit.

I’ll ask you some basic questions about your business goals, and you can see if I am the right person for the job!

I insist on this call for every client, because of my integrity and the way that I like to conduct business.

“You just get me”

Client: Jo Riches – Life coach and keynote speaker