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Jo loves being in nature and out in the sea, she recently qualified as a life coach and yoga teacher and wanted a site that represented both her complimentary services and what she stands for . . .


Laura is a time pushed Fashion & PR Consultant, she wanted an elegant yet functional site as a place to showcase her latest catwalk and events, and where she can blog about the latest trends and updates . . . 


Jodi is an angel in real life! She offers angel readings as a service, and her site is all about showing who she is and how she serves others, whilst featuring an excellent blog that she adds to often and gets most of her leads from people searching for services like hers (great SEO Jodi!)


Hannah is currently in the early stages of her business, which is taking people through a ‘spiral’ of the chakras.

She has a landing page where people can find out more about her services and we are adding in email marketing.

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