Hi, I’m Linz

I’m a creative entrepreneur, with a visionary mindset and a unique ability for seeing other people’s gifts!

I’m on a mission to help people to create stand out content, and feel confident on putting themselves out there – first comes bravery, then comes BELIEF!

Work with me, and I promise that my optimistic, resilient and ambitious nature will rub off on you – let’s stop thinking about making a living and make a fucking LEGACY!

The benefits of being a trained content creator and strategist, resilience coach and business growth mentor, plus the fact that I write for/perform stand up comedy (constantly putting myself out there, despite my fears of rejection!) means that I have the tenacity and determination to succeed….

…and I’m taking you with me!

Create something to be proud of, have fun along the way and get ready to set sail for the ride of your life as we go deep into the digital sea of business promotion!

Glad to have you on board.



Linz Creates

Hi, I'm Linz


Sophia and I created a one page website together for her interior design and intuitive room enhancing business.

She was a wonder to work with and I love the use of bright colours for this site – expect many more pages to come soon!

Sophia Christou Art

Sophia Christou Art Live Site (opens in new window)

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Linz takes time to understand what you want for your business

I love Linz’s enthusiastic, sparkly and generous spirit and it’s always a pleasure to connect and work with her.

Jo Riches – Life Coach and Keynote Speaker

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