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Do you have a website for your small business?


Are you proud to show it off?


Does it showcase how great you are?


Is it making you sales?

My name is Linz and I run a web design company called Linz Creates.

I design WordPress websites for people, but I also see a need for some to learn how to design for themselves; their own business brand, a site, and all of the assets that it needs to stand out in this digital sea!

So I created a course that encompasses everything you need and get started with IMPACT.


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Maybe you’ve had a website in the past but you just didn’t know what to do with it?!

Perhaps you’ve had a go at building one yourself but didn’t find it as easy as they make out?!

Or are you just so busy all of the time that you find it hard to spend time creating your own business branding and site?

How do I know of all of this?

Because I was you! It’s so hard to stand out online these days, and everyone judges your business on first impressions, right? 

And when something feels hard, we put it to one side (forever!) or forget about it completely.

I am here to change that.

I have worked out (through many trials and errors) what is needed to create a great website that captures the hearts and minds of visitors and turns them into fans that want MORE!







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Website Strategy



I created this so that you can

Start with Impact!

Build a Homepage Live Course


‘Design and Build your own Homepage’ with Linz Creates

A six week, LIVE course, with weekly training, resources and guidance.

Start with Impact on the 19th January 2022!!!

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Let me guide you on designing a digital home for your business, and making an impact from the start . . .

1. I.dentify your Brand Essence - The Visuals: Logos, colours, fonts, elements.   The Values: Mission and Purpose.
2. M.aster your message - who are we trying to attract here - deep dive into UX (User Experience)
3. P.lan your Website - a goal without a plan is just a wish! Here we wireframe what's needed & set the tech up.
4. A.dd content - as a trained content creator, I will offer you a free, 1:1 power hour at this stage to work out what you need.
5. C.opywriting to Convert - work with me to nail down your 'expert explainer' copy and speak directly to your ideal clients.
6. T.est & Launch your new Homepage.

Then the option to continue building out your site in my new membership, post-course completion!


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Will it cover logos and branding?

I can guide you on how to create some branding and a logo in Canva, we can always get something out to start with and then work on improving it as the business evolves, which is usually the natural progression of things anyway!

How long is the course for?

This is a 6 week, LIVE course, where we will be working on the main components needed to create an amazing homepage – the beginnings of your website.

You will then have the option to continue building out your site with me in my snazzy new membership, full of creative people on a similar journey to you, and where I will be bringing some fun into our working week!

Please note: we work TERM TIME and the live calls are at 10am on Wednesdays, but you will have access to me, the private Facebook community, and all of the wonderful resources within the course at all times (and I always give a little extra because I am just nice like that!)

Can I add on email marketing?

I get asked this a lot and although it sounds simple, it requires a bit more setting up and thinking about how you are going to build your list and email your new subscribers.

 This training will be available in the membership where I will be inviting a Mailerlite expert to come and show us all how it is done!

For the purpose of the course, I can show you how to set up a link to your email so that clients can get in touch with you.

Will I be able to see my 'visitors'?

Whilst you can’t see exactly WHO has visited your site, we will install your site with a Google Analytics plugin that gives you insights (in colourful, easy to read graph form!) into your visitor data, so you can see how effective your new website really is!

Tell me more about how it works

I created Start with Impact as I saw people having a go at it themselves on web builders such as Wix and Squarespace, then ending up with these hashed-up websites and no time to learn how to edit them!

I also believe that you should know how to use your website and be able to refresh the content yourselves, so this course is a mix of creation and training.

Can we have a quick chat before I sign up?

Of course, in fact, I insist! Book a call with me to see if we are on the same page, and if you are actually ready to create a website with me! I promise I don’t bite! Button below ⇓